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    Jagua Safety Statement

    At we take pride in the quality of our natural temporary body art products. The most important element in
    our Quality Assurance Criteria is of course Product Safety.

    The Jagua Range
    Jagua (Genipa Americana L) has been used as a cosmetic product throughout the Amazon Rainforests for as long as can be
    remembered. is proud to be one of the first retail suppliers in the world to offer this exciting new
    range of traditional, natural and safe cosmetic products! All the ingredients are clearly labelled on our Jagua Tattoo

    Although this natural ingredient has been used traditionally for a very long time, we understand that there will be a
    considerable amount of justifiable nervousness surrounding any new product that claims to stain the skin black, and last
    on the skin as long as henna. Because of the products that are still available containing dangerous & illegal ingredients
    like PPD & Walnut Powder.

    We can assure you that our Jagua Product Range is guaranteed to contain only 100% natural botanical staining properties
    from the Genipa Americana fruit. For your peace of mind, our jagua products are also independently safety tested for
    cosmetic use, Safety Guaranteed.

    Click Here for Safety Testing Information.

    Click Here for ingredients listings and to see how Jagua works.