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    The Chemical Constituents of Jagua

    May 21st, 2008

    principallyJagua Tattoo Products are manufactured from Genipa Americana Extract, which is quite simply a jagua fruit extract that retains the otherwise degenerative colouring properties of the jagua fruit itself. The naturally occuring chemical constituents of jagua are often referred to as ‘Biochemicals’ or ‘Phytochemicals’, because they are occur naturally within the plant matter. There are many phytochemicals present in a jagua tree, but for the purposes of jagua body art we are primarily concerned with those phytochemicals found within the jagua fruit itself.

    The Key Phytochemicals in Jagua Fruit are: Read the full article »

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    Genipin ~ From Genipa Americana (jagua fruit)

    February 20th, 2008

    Molecular Illustration for GenepinGenipin is the phytochemical constiuent of jagua fruit, (and hence jagua products) that is responsible for creating the jagua stain. The higher the genipin content of the jagua fruit, the deeper the resulting stain produced by the jagua product will be. A higher Read the full article »

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